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Katie Hoff's 5 Keys To Accomplish the Extraordinary

45 min speech, 15 min Q&A

Katie understands elite performance and the drive to do the extraordinary. At 15 years old, Katie Hoff made her first Olympic team. How did she do it? In the end, it boiled down to a very simple, yet effective formula.  She came up with 5 standards that she followed to a "T."   Standards that allowed her to break American and World Records, win Olympic
medals, get back up after the lowest of lows and become a best selling author and successful entrepreneur.  


Now, she wants to help you accomplish YOUR big goals - using her secret sauce.  Becoming an Olympic athlete was Katie’s goal. What is YOUR big goal?  It could be anything:

  • Running a marathon. 

  • Crushing sales targets. 

  • Getting that big promotion. 

  • Becoming the best parent, partner or friend.

  • Achieving your highest level of fitness. 

As long as the goal is of utmost importance to you, it is fair game.  

But it has to be a goal you feel DRIVEN to attain.  It must be a "need" vs simply a "want." 


Katie's 5 standards will give you the ability to accomplish that goal and achieve the most extraordinary version of yourself.
Katie shares her wisdom through captivating stories filled with humor, humility, honesty and vulnerability. The audience is left with a sense of 
motivation, fresh perspective and ultimately clear and actionable standards to apply to their own big goal.

Katie wants this year to be extraordinary for you - join her to find out how.

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Tapping Into Your "Deep Down Gear"

45 min speech, 15 min Q&A

Katie offers you the guidance of an elite athlete who wants to share her story, including its meteoric heights and shattering lows, to help YOU to tap into your own personal greatness - in sports, business or life.


With total transparency and good humor, Katie details her humble and hilarious beginnings as a child with a passion for winning, through her training, Olympic appearances, setbacks and the shocking news that sent her life on a completely new trajectory.  


Participants will learn what Katie identified early on as her biggest competitive advantage - her 'deep down gear,' and the three essential things for finding and maintaining that advantage. Attendees will emerge fired up and ready to apply these concrete lessons in their own lives.


A Conversation with Two Time Olympian Katie Hoff

60 minute moderated chat

Katie will field questions on every area of her life and swimming career, facilitated by a host-provided moderator. In this dynamic and one-of-a-kind appearance, Katie will answer questions off the cuff and in her trademark energetic, honest and insightful style. She is an open book, so use your imagination and craft a session that hits exactly on what you'd want to know! Do you have a theme or 'word' you are aligning your goals around this year?  


Ask Katie how she would define it and what that word evokes for her. Do you have a core challenge with motivation, accountability or performance that you'd love to get Katie's take on? Ask away! Do you want to know what it was really like to step onto the pool deck at 15 at her first Olympics? Or the significance of 7/100ths of a second in Katie's career? Ask and she will spill the details.


Hosts are welcome to brainstorm their own list of 10-20 questions for Katie and submit them for her consideration prior to the appearance or Katie can provide a list of possible questions to inspire you. On the fly questions from the audience are also welcome, so feel free to mix things up with a chance for your audience to be part of the fun and learning in an unforgettable way.



Dona Sarkar

Head of Advocacy, Microsoft

"As part of my job, I hear 2 to 3 speakers each week. I had the honor of being in the front row of Katie Hoff's TEDx talk and I literally held my breath the whole time because of both her fascinating story AND her captivating style while delivering it. I was 100% present and enthralled.  The same will happen to you, trust me.  If you're a business owner looking to motivate your team or a human looking to do MORE with your life, you should hire Katie to speak.  You will be forever transformed. I know I was."

Jamin Fotchman

Head of Sales Enablement at Addepar

"Katie was our keynote speaker at our annual Sales Kickoff. Coming off a record year it was important that we had the team tied to our mission and committed to being relentlessly consistent as they strived for their goals. Katie was exceptional, she far exceeded even my greatest expectations. We have adopted several of her mantras including stacking up small wins to achieve our stretch goals that we will continue to tie into our review of her book which is setting the tone for our team in 2021. If you are looking for a world-class keynote speaker to motivate and drive your team to achieve greatness, Katie is the first call you should make."

Curt Steinhorst

Best-selling author, Forbes Best Contributor, CEO of Focuswise

"The unstoppable drive that made her an Olympian is what also makes Katie a powerhouse in a business and on stage. Her story of authentic struggle and drive to achieve excellence inspires all of us to pursue our own. I'd recommend Katie to any group of individuals looking to elevate their mindset and ability to access an extra level of greatness."

Mark Seich

VP of Marketing, Sales & Distribution at Berkley Fire & Marine

"Working with Katie was perfect. Set up and organization prior to the event was great, making the event very easy for us. But the most important part is the story and delivery. Katie did an incredible job walking us through her journey and how she needed to tap into that extra effort needed to become a champion. Very inspiring, relatable, and authentic message was delivered, and Katie’s passion carries through the whole time. If you are looking to motivate and inspire a group of people to take things to the next level, look no further than Katie!"



Fire up your top performers with direct motivation and coaching from 2x Olympian and 3x Olympic Medalist, Katie Hoff Anderson. Access your team's highest potential using the tips and techniques that powered Katie through 17 years of professional swimming - and led to her silver and dual bronze medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. If you want to drive elite individual AND team performance, Katie's talk will powerfully resonate with you.



Katie began her quest for Olympic greatness, in earnest, when she was just 7 years old.  With the support of her parents and the guidance of some phenomenal coaches, Katie turned her desire to excel and push herself toward the attainment of her dreams into reality at two Olympics when she was just 15 and 19 years old. Students of all ages will be drawn to her approachable and direct encouragement to pick a lofty and motivating goal and then break it down into do-able pieces to get you from Point A to Point 'BE.' Students will emerge with the sense that they, too, can access their inner 'deep down gear,' go full speed into a life they will love and possess the knowledge of what it truly takes to get there.


Katie is a prime example of a woman who has persevered through incredibly low lows and stood on the Olympic podium as a medal winner --  then tackled life beyond the glare of the media spotlight after a shocking development in her personal life.  She speaks to what allowed her to keep her wits about her, make sense of the whirlwind and emerge ready to offer insight and inspiration to other women who seek to go after their dreams with gusto AND pick themselves up off the floor when things don't go as planned.

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